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Hairy Hopefuls Part 1 (Alison Short)

Hairy Hopefuls Part 1

Improving Self Carriage

Your Horse Expert Alison Short guides you through turns on the haunches & walk pirouettes.

(Length: 16 mins)

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With step by step aiding and clear positioning for both you and your horse, Alison will help you create a greater degree of self carriage.
As featured exercises with Kim and Martini, why not progress to the Logical Lateral Work Series Shoulder-In & Travers, helping you lighten the forehand and improve suppleness.

Price: £7.99

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Hairy Hopefuls Part 2 (Alison Short)

Hairy Hopefuls Part 2

Lose the Tension

Alison works through exercises that create a reactive yet subtle flexion of the horse’s ribs, asking for greater connection inside leg to outside rein.

(Length: 20 mins)

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Broken down into three simple steps, demonstrating first in walk the desired responses and their effects on relaxation.
Soon you are cantering shoulder fore, 15m circles and leg yield.
Thinking outside of the box when training is the way to avoid tension and aid better harmony, you won’t be disappointed in the results.
Pair this download with ‘Making the Right Connection’ or ‘Balanced Canter Transitions’ and you will soon see greater harmony.

Price: £7.99

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Hairy Hopefuls Part 3 (Alison Short)

Hairy Hopefuls Part 3

Balance and Coordination

Alison describes in simple terms the coordination required for leg yielding, with key points on weight, rider positioning and clever visualisation techniques, soon leading you to effortless achievements

(Length: 18 mins)

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Working both towards and away from the track, Alison covers all possible eventualities of learning this lateral movement.
Inspiring and easily digestable training that gives you confidence to take your first steps towards a better way of going.
Why not pair this with 'Balanced Canter Transitions' and follow the simple steps to fluent transitions, just like Jax in Part 3 of Hairy Hopefuls.

Price: £7.99

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