The Art of Seeing a Stride (Russell Cooper)

The Art of Seeing a Stride

This is the download we have all been waiting for!
Russell demystifies the art of seeing a stride with clever analogies helping you pull upon the skills we use in our daily lives to judge distances.
This exercise creates a balanced canter using a pole on the ground which can be adapted to a fence.

(Length: 29 mins)

Russell’s one to one feel gives you confidence and discusses the issues often associated with loosing a rhythm to a fence leading to poles down.
This easily digestible session leaves you able to adjust and monitor your horse’s canter rhythm, creating a secure balanced way of coming to poles or fences again and again with confidence.
The improvement in your horse’s canter work will hugely benefit your flatwork, encouraging the lazy horse to stay up in front of the leg and the sharp one to settle to a rhythm.
Improves combined balance, helps prevent a strong horse locking into the rein on approach and brings the lazy horse up in front of the leg. A really valuable tool to improve the canter work and bring a bit of sparkle back to your flat work.
Pair this with Russell’s first download “Creating Ground Cover” to really develop your canter work. Alison Short’s “Balanced Canter Transitions” will guide through maintaining the balance to each transition, combine this with either of Russell’s downloads and really watch your canter work improve this season!

Price: £7.99

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